Welcome to our nonprofit minority network of leaders, donors, volunteers, and business owners who provide services to minority lead nonprofits nationwide. We are dedicated and invested in being the positive difference in the communities we serve. Together we are better than any individual efforts alone and we stand behind our members!



Leadership Development

Take your leadership skills to a higher level with our mentorship program Consult with a Nonprofit Consultant to help accomplish your goals Receive mental health wellness checks

Get Plugged In

Establish meaningful connections both personal and business relationships with other minority leaders Connect with grant writers, sponsorship experts, funders, social media specialist all committed to helping your organization grow. Monthly live networking events

Funding for Your Nonprofit

Members receive access to our Show Me the Money section that brings grant opportunities for minorities to their finger tips Gain national exposure to your nonprofit through our media outlets Receive funding for your nonprofit mission through our grant program

Stay Up to Date

Join our online community, experience our online discussions, national summits and regional conferences that are led by minority experts Receive the latest information on nonprofit news via our monthly newsletter Stay informed on the impact members are making in the nonprofit sector



National Nonprofit Minority Association is the leading resource for minority professionals in the nonprofit sector. We are dedicated to helping nonprofit leaders increase their knowledge and grow the capacity of their organizations by connecting them with people, resources, and ideas that unite them together to become stronger in their communities and for their causes. We provide help to close the gaps in knowledge and equip them with management skills and confidence to become change makers within the field.

Vision Statement

The vision of the National Nonprofit Minority Association is to build a diverse and elite sector of minority professionals who have a serious passion for the people they serve and a deep love for the communities they reside in all across the world.

Our Core Values

We build personal relationships with minority leaders that strengthen them and meet their needs to better serve in their communities We seek to eliminate all barriers of racial discrimination inside the nonprofit sector We create platforms, programs, tools, and resources that increase financial capacity building We always conduct business in a manner that respects every person in our association from – our consumers, donors, investors, boards, volunteers, and staff We are partners with nonprofits of all backgrounds but particularly with those that are founded and led by minorities. We are partners with philanthropists and investors who share our passions and vision to improve the involvement of minority’s charitable sector’s value not only in America but across the world. We pursue relationships with all minority nonprofits and mutually participate in building each other’s organizations and services. We promote change, creativity, adaptability in organizational and individual practices.


1Do we need to be a registered nonprofit organization in order to join? Is 501(c)(3) status a requirement?
501(c)(3) status is NOT required to become a member of the Association.
2How long will it take to get my login/password?
Membership applications are processed automatically. You should receive your login information via email within 1 hour of joining. If you experience any problems, please call us at 314-677-1006.
3 When will I receive my first newsletter?
Our National newsletter is published on a monthly basis.
4What is included in the Members Only section?
The Members Only section features all the membership perks not given to non-members
5How safe is it to pay online by credit card?
The National Nonprofit Minority Association takes the issue of security very seriously.
6My question has not been answered here. What should I do?
If your question is still unanswered, please submit your question through our feedback form or by calling 314-677-1006. We want to make sure that you feel comfortable in becoming a member. We will do everything possible to get back with you ASAP.